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Mobile App Results in Increased HIV PrEP Adherence Among Users in Thailand – Managed Markets Network


Frequent users of an app designed to support HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) adherence had higher adherence rates than individuals who used the app infrequently or not at all.

When using a mobile phone app that supports HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) adherence, individuals who used the app more frequently were found to have higher rates of PrEP adherence, according to a study published in Journal of Medical Internet Research.

While the authors said the findings were not s…….

Frequent clients of an app designed to assist HIV pre-publicity prophylaxis (PrEP) adherence had greater adherence costs than people who used the app occasionally or By no means.

When using a Mobile teletelephone app that assists HIV pre-publicity prophylaxis (PrEP) adherence, people who used the app extra frequently have been found to have greater costs of PrEP adherence, Based mostly on a research revealed in Journal of Medical Internet Evaluation.

Whereas the authors said the findings Weren’t statistinamey vital and Might be not indicative of prolonged-time period adherence As a Outcome of of brief research interval, they suggested app use Might assist set up habits in taking Daily PrEP.

The research was carried out in Thailand between March 2018 and June 2019 with 200 particular persons, collectively with Thai youthful males Who’ve intercourse with males (YMSM) and youthful transgender womales (YTGW). The median (IQR) age amongst particular persons was 18 (17-19), and most (74%) particular persons have been YMSM.

Inside the randomized managed trial, 100 particular persons acquired 6 months of youth-nice PrEP providers (YFS), which included month-to-month engagemalest with website staff by way of in-particular person go to or telephone name, and The power to contact staff and counselors outdoors of scheduled go tos. The completely different 100 particular persons have been randomized to acquire YFS Together with use of the Enterprise Raincoat PrEP adherence assist app (YFS+APP).

Options of the cellular app have been based on what the authors Usually acknowledged As a Outcome of the 3Rs: hazard assessmalest, reminders, and rewards.

PrEP adherence was evaluated at months 3 and 6 using dried blood spots containing tenofovir diphosphate, and affected person views on the app have been collected by way of exit interviews and have been generally constructive relating to the app’s ease of use.

“App design permitting ease of utility clearly affectd how probably particular persons would use the app,” the authors wrote. “This remark is According to earlier research that found straightforward interfaces may scale again the time particular persons Want to spend on the app and subsequently enhance retention.”

Interviewees furtherly expressed that The hazard assessmalest carry out was deemed In all probability the most useful function in the app, and suggested modifications to the rewards facet and general aesthetic of the app.

Among The numerous YFS+APP group, 87% of particular persons used the app and accomplished the weekly HIV acquisition hazard assessmalests. Furtherextra, 22% have been althought-about frequent app clients, outlined as logging in and ending an assessmalest A minimal of 10 occasions Through the 6-month interval.

Overall, the median (IQR) interval between first and final login was 3.5 (1.6-5.6) months, with a median login and hazard assessmalest (LRA) frequency of 6 LRAs.

The authors furtherly found variations in LRA frequency between YMSM and YTGW particular persons. The research confirmed YMSM have been 9.3 occasions extra More probably to be deemed frequent app clients in contrast with YTGW (95% CI, 1.2-74.3; P = .04).

Frequency of app use was proven to …….